Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehab


This Guest post was written by the experts at Oceanfront Recovery Center specializing in behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment offering a glimpse into the benefits of gender specific rehabs.

At Oceanfront Recovery in Laguna Beach, California, we understand that some people want to be in a gender-specific rehab program for recovery. This means that you would go to a program with people of the same gender, taking away some of the complexities that can arise when there are people of both genders in a residential treatment program. If you are looking for a program just for men or only for women, our goal is to provide you with the addiction treatment you need to heal and move forward in your life. You can recover from your addiction, but you have to choose to reach out for help.

Benefits to Gender-Specific Rehab

Men and women experience addiction differently, and gender-specific rehab makes it easier to address these differences from the start. While mixed-gender treatment is effective, many people report that they feel more comfortable in a treatment program with people of the same gender. It is possible to get the treatment you need in a program that is designed for your gender. Find the right treatment program for your specific needs, and understand what your choices are. Some of the benefits include:

  • Gender-specific issues aren’t discussed if they don’t apply to the group being treated. Often in an our anxiety treatment centers we treat all genders with an individualized approach.
  • Sexual tension is minimized in programs for people of the same gender.
  • Peer support is easier among people of the same gender. Often we find clients in our alcohol addiction rehab have a better time relating with the struggles each other face when they have the same obstacles to overcome through life.
  • People report feeling more comfortable sharing in group settings when the environment is all one gender. Thats why at out  laguna beach sober living location we make sure our clients are 100% comfortable in their setting.

Gender-specific rehab can provide a safe, nurturing environment for people who have a history of trauma and are nervous about being around the opposite gender. While mixed-gender treatment is also an option, there are benefits to living in a treatment program with people who are all the same gender. Group therapy sessions tend to be more productive, and people are more likely to share. When men have sexually abused women in the group, they are less likely to share their experiences if men are in the group.

Gender-Specific Treatment Needs

Socially, physically and psychologically, men and women are different. While a treatment program can handle various needs in a mixed-gender treatment program, it’s easier to provide more specific treatment when the program is gender-specific. Men are generally larger than women, and some studies show the differences in how both genders synthesize drugs and alcohol. Hormones are different, and the substances being abused can impact hormones in a variety of ways. It is way more common for women to have issues with a traumatic history, including sexual assault, that is difficult to talk about in a mixed-gender setting.

While men are more likely to develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol, women tend to fall harder, faster. Women who enter treatment programs often require more intensive support to get through the initial stages of recovery. It’s more productive for people who don’t feel comfortable in a residential setting with people of both genders to go to a treatment program designed for one gender. With more specific treatment and a comfortable atmosphere, it is possible to feel comfortable talking about your peers’ issues.

Find Gender-Specific Rehab Today at Oceanfront Recovery

If you are looking for a gender-specific rehab in the Laguna Beach, California area, Oceanfront Recovery is ready to help. Contact us today at 877.279.1777 and learn more about the programs we have to offer. Whether you need a men’s rehab program or a women’s rehab program for addiction recovery, we offer a range of services for your treatment needs like our  alcohol addiction treatment center or our dual diagnosis treatment center los angeles . When you are not comfortable in a mixed-gender treatment program, we give you choices. What matters is that you or your loved one get the treatment they need to heal.

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